Preventing Math Anxiety

Researchers from the University of Cambridge recently released a report following their study of math anxiety in primary and secondary students.  [] Their findings illustrate interesting characteristics of children who experience math anxiety,and suggest a potential connection to interactions with teachers and parents.  The interview-based study included 2,700 children in primary and secondary school in […]

5 Simple Ways to Show Her You Care on Mother’s Day

Everyone loves to feel appreciated.  With Mother’s Day coming up next Sunday, it’s a great time to think of how you might show the moms in your life what they mean to you.  We offer five simple ideas to celebrate and care for the woman who cares for everyone.   1. Remember to have a […]

Author Spotlight: Mo Willems

Mo Willems: you either already know and love this author, or you know and love this author’s work and just don’t know him by name.  Best known for his creation of an ornery but lovable pigeon, Willems has written far too many books for us to list all of them individually here.  So, if you […]

Math on the Go!

You already know that reading aloud to your child daily can have a huge impact on their literacy development.  Did you know that doing math together at home is also important?  By integrating math into your daily lives at home, you as parents are teaching your child not only that math really is applicable to […]

They’re Good for Your Kids!

Chores: the word has such a negative connotation.  But does it need to be that way? Do you remember doing chores when you were growing up?  For some of us, we remember them as a negative consequence.  For others, we never had them and it took us a while to learn how to do them […]

How to Build a Better Lunch

Lunch.  It’s something we enjoy every day, and if your child is at school you’re likely packing them one.  We’re here to help you turn this often mundane chore into a fun, healthy, eco-friendly, Montessori-style part of your child’s day. Pack it up! As you likely know, Montessori schools rely on the use of natural […]

Montessori Basics: What is Grace and Courtesy?

If you are just beginning to learn about Montessori education, you’ve probably heard the phrase grace and courtesy.  You may be wondering what that means in a Montessori classroom, and why we go out of our way to identify it as something special. Simply put, grace and courtesy is all about helping children to understand […]

5 Ways Montessori Appeals to the Senses

Learning with all our senses involved allows us to have a fuller, richer experience.  Montessori classrooms strive to provide multi-layered sensory opportunities for children.  The result?  Children who have a strong ability to distinguish the variances in the environments around them.   1. Montessori digs deeper than the classic five senses. Growing up, you undoubtedly […]

How to Handle Challenging Behaviors

This post goes out to the frustrated parents.  (So, likely all of us at some point.)   Challenging behavior is an unfortunate part of growing up and parenting.  We know that it’s normal, we know our children need to experience it to grow and learn, but that does not make it any easier in the […]

Staying the Course: Montessori and the Kindergarten Year

Parents whose children are in their second year of a primary classroom are faced with a big decision: should their child remain at their Montessori school for the final year of the cycle or attend kindergarten at their local public school?   We understand how tough this decision can be.  Many parents ponder the cost […]