Those Who Create: an Artistic Booklist

Does your child have a passion for art?  Would you like to cultivate creativity?  Do you admire those who have made our world a more beautiful place?  No matter your reason, if you would like to read about the lives of famous artists, we have curated a book list just for you. As always, we […]

Engaged or Bored? How to Tell What Your Child is Feeling at School

A familiar scenario: your child comes home from school, and you, the interested parent, eagerly ask them how their day was and what they did.  While some children will happily relay the day’s events, most shrug and say, “Good” without offering any details.  Don’t worry – this is totally normal and related to their fatigue […]

Back to School!

And just like that, summer is drawing to a close.  School is right around the corner, and we’re here to give you some tips and tricks to get the kids (and yourselves) ready! Supplies Now is a great time to start gathering school supplies if you haven’t already started.  Take into consideration your child’s age […]

A Peek at the Montessori History Curriculum

Montessori elementary classrooms certainly do lots of work with math and language, but they also rely heavily on what is often referred to as cultural studies.  These cultural studies include geography, science, and history, and today’s post will focus on the latter. Think back to when you first learned anything about history.  Perhaps your earlier […]

Creating Family Rituals

Family Ritual

Think back to your own fond childhood memories.  What sticks out the most?  For many people, it’s the little things that leave the biggest impressions.  Perhaps it was the cookies you made together during the Holidaysor staying up late to watch that special movie that only came on once a year, or maybe even the […]

Montessori: Not Just for Children

Montessori is a method of education that was created with children’s development in mind.  Educators honor each individual child and make every attempt to create an environment in which they may learn and grow with as much independence as possible.  In recent decades, many people are recognizing that the basic ideals might support all people […]

Books to Love the Earth

Our planet is a beautiful, magical place.  As our children move through their young lives at a different pace and with different eyes than we have as adults, they often remind us to notice all the small and special things.  Whether it be a ladybug on their bedroom wall or the way leaves make shadows […]

Montessori Basics: Respecting the Child as an Autonomous Person

The title of this post may seem a little unnecessary.  You may be thinking, “Of course the child is an autonomous person, and of course we respect that!”  If you are here reading this, chances are you care deeply about your child’s education, and more importantly, you care about your child as a person.  When […]

A Montessori Mini-Dictionary

Dr. Maria Montessori created her methodology over a century ago, and those of us who study her work and practice her ideas know it really works for children, even all these years later.  Like any specialized approach or body of work, Montessori education incorporates unique terminology.  Curious to learn more about what we mean when […]

Booklist: Chapter Books!

Whether your four or five-year-old is ready for some longer read-alouds at bedtime, or your elementary-aged child has discovered the wonder of reading to themselves and cannot get enough, this special book list has you covered.  The following chapter books are timeless and well-loved by children and their parents alike.  Enjoy!   My Father’s Dragon […]