Toddler Program Tour

Around 18 - 36 months*

*(Based on child’s ability to walk and communicate)

We’re happy to show you around and let you speak to our staff members. We encourage you to see our philosophy first hand by scheduling a tour and experience a “Day in the life” of a real Montessori classroom.

Take a peek

Inside a Toddler classroom

Practical Life

The classroom encourages care of self. Life skills are important to develop because they give the child a sense of “I am helping” which later in life translates to being responsible to the community.


Children in the Toddler Program are working on both large and fine motor skills. Large motor skills are developed through activities like the climber, carrying of chairs and outdoor activities.


Children in the Toddler Program are literally absorbing all language around them. With this in mind we provide several different forms of language development such as conversation, songs, books and vocabulary enrichment.


In the Toddler Program we focus on the most basic of grace and courtesy skills. These skills are huge successes for a child this age. These include lessons on: waiting one’s turn, apologizing, introducing oneself and walking in the classroom.

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