Primary Program Tour

Age 3 - 6 Years

We’re happy to show you around and let you speak to our staff members. We encourage you to see our philosophy first hand by scheduling a tour and experience a “Day in the life” of a real Montessori classroom.

Take a peek

Inside a Primary classroom

Practical Life

From encouraging concentration skills, left to right orientation to prepare for reading and writing, or refinement of the pincer grasp to prepare for writing.


Most of the materials are self-correcting, allowing children to see and correct their own mistakes without adult assistance. How empowering!


Children do extensive work with puzzle maps, learning the names of continents and countries in a tactile way


Primary mathematics begins with the 2 Chain (which has a total of 8 beads, in 4 segments of 2 each), and work their way to the 10 Chain which converts into math manipulatives to teach addition, subtraction, and more.


Our language program leads to writing and reading with comprehension. Science and geography materials add to the rich vocabulary skills. Cursive handwriting is introduced early, for it is natural for the child to want to draw curved shapes.

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